Okay, so RE6 came out yesterday and after seeing the play through, truthfully. Capcom dropped the ball on this one. It had the potential to be great story wise, but it felt flat and unsatisfying and only leaves more questions than answers.

Leon's Campaign:

1. I was right in someway about not trusting Adam. From what I read on RE Wiki about him, he knew about UMBRELLA's shady deals with the government, but did nothing about it until this point. To me, if he did something sooner, than a lot of the events in the RE universe wouldn't have happened. Also, it made me think about what Krauser said to Leon in RE4 when he said 'You don't seriously think a conservative mind can chart a new course for the world, do you?'

2. Helena and Derek fell flat to me. That had potential, too and Capcom didn't take. They were just random people with no real interesting backstory.

3. Also, I'm upset that things didn't get resolved between Leon and Ada and this game would've been perfect to put closure on their relationship.

4. Finally, Leon's is becoming more unrealistic to me. It's like Capcom is trying to turn him into this superhero where he wins in the end and everything's great in his world. Personally, I think Helena should have died because it would've put bring Leon back to Earth a bit and causes him to rethink how he does things and become more human so that he can truly connect with the people he vows to protect.

Chris' Campaign:

1. Ugh, I don't know where to begin with this. It is tragically obvious that Capcom just doesn't know what to do with Chris. So, when Jill apparently died, he's macho man but when some random dudes die, he turns into Max Payne. And while I'm on that subject, where was Jill and Claire during that period? Or Sheva, for that matter?

2. Piers, to me, was very unrealistic and annoying to the point that you wanted to facepalm every time you saw him and Capcom dropped the ball on him, too.

3. Finally, I think that Chris should died instead of Piers because that would've made a bigger impact on the series in general. Also, it would've help Piers to mature and grow as a character because, to me, when Piers died, it showed that he was expandable and personally I didn't like that. Also, I'm really afraid what Capcom is going to do with Chris now.

Jake's Campaign:

1. Now, that had some potential and I really wished that He and Sherry had ran away together in their ending and fought side by side like in Ada's ending when Jake's about to fight the B.O.W.s because to me, they balance each other out. Now, I guess that Capcom wants to turn Sherry into a mini Leon and I don't like that and if Capcom does another RE game next year, I hope that Leon will tell Sherry that there's more to life than viruses, outbreaks and B.O.W.s and that she shouldn't follow in his footsteps because the path he's now on is a lonely one. I personally think that Jake being with Sherry helped him become more caring and Sherry being around Jake helped her become less naive about the world around her.

Ada's Campaign:

1. It was pretty good for the most part because it went into the backstory of Carla and her relationship with Simmons. Also, Ada is just so cool to me right now that it isn't even funny because the way she handled herself during the whole game says a lot about her character. While every one else was riding the drama train at full speed, Ada maintained her composure in the middle at chaos.

In Conclusion:

Also, who exactly is the Family that was mentioned during the game and where was everybody else during this? It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good and Capcom should've more with it. Now, I know that it'll have DLC and half of me is hopefully, but the other half of me will feel let down by the DLC.

So, that's it.

Finally, I would do more theories and analysis, but I have a very busy schedule ahead of me, so go to for more info and a big thanks to Tridenter of RE Wiki for the link. I did this without even knowing about the link and this is a big help to help me understand more of RE6. Also, feel free to make your own theories and let me know what you've come up with. :D

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