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    Hello Resident Evil fans! I will be hosting a RE wiki Community Event! For Resident Evil 6!(Maybe)

    I hope you guys remeber Necro's ORC event! Because it will work like that.

    1.You must be getting Resident Evil 6 for either PS3 or XBOX 360.

    2.You must have an internet connection.

    3.Must be at least 13.

    4.MIC(its not required but its reccomended)

    5.No foul language in the comments.

    The 1st player will be the host and whoever wants to be his partner says in the comments(Ofcourse with the host permission).If you guys want you guys could do playground pick.


    PSN ID/Gamertag:

    Characters(for each campaign):

    Host or Not?:

    Mic or no Mic:

    If yes to host,session name?:


    Session 1(Survivors):

    Host:los95361-Characters:Helena Harper,Piers Neva…

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  • Los95361

    In the Resident Evil Damnation trailer at minute 1:00 you hear a voice that says" Leon?". It sounds EXCATLY LIKE ASHLEY.Post any thoughts theories speculations in the comments

    Los95361 23:34, July 17, 2012 (UTC)Los95361

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