• LukeyP266

    (Spoiler alert) If you have not played any of the first 3 Resident Evil games please do not read this post as it will reveal things you may not already know.

    Right first things first this was much harder then the other levels following Rebecca and Billy. You start the mission in the main hall of the spencer estate (the mansion) The you either playing as Chris or Jill go to investigate a noise. You find one of the s.t.a.r.s members eaten by zombies and then come face to face with a few of them. You kill all these then return to the main lobby only to find that Wesker has disapeared.

    You then start your mission around the spencer estate killing the enemies as you go. Including a giant Snake which was rather hard to kill.

    You then go out into th…

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  • LukeyP266

    Right I am new to this site so I am still finding my way around etc. Looks like a good site. I am a BIg fan of Resident Evil having played and completed most of them.

    I have decided to make a blog of the progress I am making at the latest game I have bought which is Resident Evil the Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii.

    I have heard mixed things about the game but so far I am impressed.

    Lets get started shall we.

    Day 1:

    Right today I started playing Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and the game starts fairly straight forward with Albert Wesker telling you the story so far, with some interesting pictures and an interesting movie.

    Next you are on a Train playing as Rebecca Chambers. She is With Billy Cohen and you have to try and get the train to sto…

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