(Spoiler alert) If you have not played any of the first 3 Resident Evil games please do not read this post as it will reveal things you may not already know.

Right first things first this was much harder then the other levels following Rebecca and Billy. You start the mission in the main hall of the spencer estate (the mansion) The you either playing as Chris or Jill go to investigate a noise. You find one of the s.t.a.r.s members eaten by zombies and then come face to face with a few of them. You kill all these then return to the main lobby only to find that Wesker has disapeared.

You then start your mission around the spencer estate killing the enemies as you go. Including a giant Snake which was rather hard to kill.

You then go out into the court yard and find an underground passage which appears to lead to a labratory of some kind. You then have to kill off a giant plant which keeps firing acid stuff at you and is very hard to kill so after about 20 attempts i finally managed it. (The secret is to shot the flower while it has what i think is its mouth open)

Then you proceed to the labs and you get a cool cut scene involing Wesker and he revels himself to be a double agent. He then gets himself killed by the Tyrant and as far as the characters are aware that is the end. However we Resident Evil fans no better seing as we see him inject himself with the T virus in the cut scene previous. The T virus then re-animates his body and he comes back with super human powers.

You then proceed to the heliport were Chicken S**t Brad is waiting for you. However the Tyrant comes up from the ground and you have to kill of that before you can escape. This is VERY hard and requires some good aim to kill him. (his weak spot being his heart) i found it helped to keep some grenades handy for the final fight. After the cut scene as the Tyrant walks towards you i threw a few grenades in his path and this helpded weaken him. Then it is just a case of some good aim and aiming for the heart. This was very hard but i got there in the end.

I will be playing again tonight I hope and i will be playing the path of Jill and Carlos in Resident Evil 3 as if you are a Resident Evil fan you may know that resident evil 3 actually happens before resident evil 2 so resident evil 2 will be after i have completed the path of Jill and Carlos.

Please continue to follow for how i get on next.


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