First of all: This is not supposed to be a "women are better than men" statement, it’s just about the RE universe and something I noticed in the twelve years I’ve been playing these games by now.

Although Capcom seems to favour the male characters at the moment (Leon was the protagonist of RE4, Chris of RE5, and both will appear in RE6), I get the feeling that all in all, they put much more effort in the creation of the women. Not only that there are many more of them in the main cast, but I also think Jill, Claire, Ada and the rest are just much more competent and memorable than Chris or Leon. For example, everyone will remember the ambiguous spy in the red dress, the beauty fighting zombies in a tube top and a miniskirt, and the open-minded, intelligent motorcyclist who happens to be the sister of a man who has nothing to show but his muscles. Will said muscleman and the rookie cop with the emo haircut ever keep up with their female partners?

As for competence, just take a look at RE1: For everything Jill can do by herself, Chris needs the help of Rebecca, who is also female. He doesn’t even know what Umbrella is – only the company that rules half of the city he works (and lives?) in. I like Chris, he’s one of my favourite characters, but I have to admit he’s not the brightest, and although he’s at least become much bigger in RE5, he’s not a bit stronger than tiny Sheva, for example when it comes to handling the recoil of guns. So if you ignore that he pushes a giant boulder out of the way every now and then, you can actually ignore his strength completely.

What do you think? Should Capcom give their male characters some unique traits that make them memorable and competent? Or do you like it as it is at the moment? Or do you disagree and think that it’s actually the other way around?

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