Ever wondered how epic it would be if you got cornered and succumbed to some virus? How it would be like for you? Well in this Blog I'm inventing I just want people in their spare time to write a brief description inventing a scenario which ultimately lead to your death, and what mutation (kind of zombie) you became. Don't forget to give a location too! DONT LIE, this sounds kind of fun for those with a Resident Evilly active imagination.

My personal example (I think it rocks):

I was Robert Kendo's twin-brother, Joseph, and I was getting ready to distribute a shipment of new weaponry at our gunstore, meanwhile Roberto was doing the paperwork for the next order back in his office. Suddenly, I heard a noise outside and the fading sound of footsteps. A woman dressed in a nice Velvet/Pink suit, black hair and chinese looking was making off with one of our premium Desert Eagles. I grabbed one of my prototype M4 Carbine's and took off after her, forcing her to return. When I finally caught up to her at gun point in an alley behind our we were ambushed by dogs. Salivating blood, and their eyes drooping outwards I tried to pacify them bit one savaged my finger out. After intense pain, I got my act together and punctured a clip into most of them. The woman then killed the final one when it was trying to lunge at my neck. She had a spare bandage and stopped the blood. The pain was intense. I then thanked her, clearly now understanding that asking her to return the weapon she stole would have been idiotic. I asked her name and she never replied. She said she was looking for a friend named Tracy, I said I would help. On the way I started feeling a bit dizzy and my vision was impaired. The woman became so dreamy, my desire was to eat her alive, not sexually but yes, cannibalistically. She then yelled, "Look over there!" Another young woman was eating the dog that had attacked us. We ran, not looking back at the awkward events that were occuring. We went into a garage lot, where we encountered a bunch of freaks making moaning noises, they clearly thought it was the 31st October as opposed to the 30th september. The woman, without hesitating shot dead the people, strange, it took 4 shots with the Desert Eagle, must have been a flaw in the design. I remembered to report that to Robert whenever I went back to the gunstore. Suddenly, we heard the noise of an R.P.D. gun fire and more of these dogs were heading in that direction. The woman, then vanished from sight. Quickly, realising she was the target of one of the dog's hunger I lunged in it's way, it's teeth tearing through my chest. I somehow lived as she stabbed the beast through the skull. I pleaded her to help me, but she just retorted: "Sorry, you've done me good, but I must go now." The agony of the pain and the headaches were unbearable and the frustration and aggression that was accumulating within me which I had never witnessed before, just told me to make a stand and kill her. The saddness of being left for dead was too much to bear. The walls closing in on me. I shut my eyes, for one penultimate time. Awakening, everything smelt so pleasing. I tracked her scent down and she was with one R.P.D. Justin Bieber fan. I slipped, my legs moving by themselves. I heard the R.P.D. officer ask her the same questions, this time it was different, she said her name was Ada, and that she was looking for her boyfriend, John. The anger within me, made me lunge past the police car which I had bunkled upon. I lunged at "Ada". A large bang, a bullet, through my skull it went. I fell, making those freaky moaning sounds, feeling no pain, just further agony I closed my eyes for the final time.

Haha, see that was an example. :) Feel free to share yours.

Ada Wong 2

The mysterious Woman, revealing herself as "Ada"

File:RE2 Leon.jpg
Robert kendo

My smug twin.

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