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  • I live in PA
  • I was born on February 12
  • My occupation is Oompa Loompa
  • I am Female
  • Mary Shepherd-Sunderland

    Alright, I know Edonia is described is an "Eastern European state", but I swear I heard something about Serbia or Syria in relation to RE6 - where Jake and Sherry's campaign is concerned. Can anyone provide me with info on this point?

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  • Mary Shepherd-Sunderland

    Hello everyone!

    I messaged Forerunner about the issue of an user-only edit system, and he has given me his blessing, as an admin, to post this to ya'll.

    This wiki has problems, like every other wiki. Like every other wiki, it has to deal with vandals, trolls, and all other kinds of nonsense that damage its quality and reliability. But despite this, untold numbers of users still work hard to act against this kind of damage. To make this effort bear more fruit, I propose that we have a user-only edit system.

    A user-only edit system simply means that ONLY REGISTERED USERS can edit the wiki. This system would help protect authenticity (i. e canon info on the pages), protect against vandals (because we'll know exactly who it is if they're caught), …

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  • Mary Shepherd-Sunderland

    Hello, peeps.

    I have a question. I didn't want to ask it on the Q & A section, as many of you already know I don't hold that part of the Wiki in high esteem, and the retardness still continues unfortunately. But back to business:

    I remember reading somewhere that Las Plagas cannot infect nor manipulate a dead host--that's an ability that is, thus far, exclusive to the T-Virus. And when the host dies, the Plagas also die. My question is--how can there be Majini that appear to be physically decaying? Wouldn't that mean the host is dead? This is a direct contradiction to the nature of the Plagas--it's already been established that Majini and Ganados are NOT zombies. Yet in some cases the skin of the infected is blue, their eyes are milky white …

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  • Mary Shepherd-Sunderland

    I have not been on this wiki for long as a registered user, but I have been a regular reader for some time, and I'm really getting sick and tired of all the idiotic trolls who populate the Q&A section, not to mention the actual pages on the wiki themselves, though I can see that it is steadily improving in quality and a lot of progress has been made, so I won't go into that. I'm not computer saavy, but there has to be some way to block all these anonymous douchebags who are contributing to the sheer retardedness that is the Q&A section. If this option is not viable, then perhaps it would be best if it were just removed altogether, as very few people actually take it seriously, and any troll that is confronted about the issue just answers b…

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