I have not been on this wiki for long as a registered user, but I have been a regular reader for some time, and I'm really getting sick and tired of all the idiotic trolls who populate the Q&A section, not to mention the actual pages on the wiki themselves, though I can see that it is steadily improving in quality and a lot of progress has been made, so I won't go into that. I'm not computer saavy, but there has to be some way to block all these anonymous douchebags who are contributing to the sheer retardedness that is the Q&A section. If this option is not viable, then perhaps it would be best if it were just removed altogether, as very few people actually take it seriously, and any troll that is confronted about the issue just answers back like the mistake of genetics they are.

I am saying this because I'm well aware that wikis are regularly referred to as sources of information for more fandoms than one can count, and they are always being undermined by vandals and trolls, which is a sad and frustrating thing to consider for someone, like an admin, who actually has respect for wikis of all kinds and works hard to make sure they are accurate and efficient.

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