Hello, peeps.

I have a question. I didn't want to ask it on the Q & A section, as many of you already know I don't hold that part of the Wiki in high esteem, and the retardness still continues unfortunately. But back to business:

I remember reading somewhere that Las Plagas cannot infect nor manipulate a dead host--that's an ability that is, thus far, exclusive to the T-Virus. And when the host dies, the Plagas also die. My question is--how can there be Majini that appear to be physically decaying? Wouldn't that mean the host is dead? This is a direct contradiction to the nature of the Plagas--it's already been established that Majini and Ganados are NOT zombies. Yet in some cases the skin of the infected is blue, their eyes are milky white and clouded over, and their lips appear to have been eaten or rotted away, leaving the gums exposed.

Any explanations? Would be greatly appreciated!

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