Hello everyone!

I messaged Forerunner about the issue of an user-only edit system, and he has given me his blessing, as an admin, to post this to ya'll.

This wiki has problems, like every other wiki. Like every other wiki, it has to deal with vandals, trolls, and all other kinds of nonsense that damage its quality and reliability. But despite this, untold numbers of users still work hard to act against this kind of damage. To make this effort bear more fruit, I propose that we have a user-only edit system.

A user-only edit system simply means that ONLY REGISTERED USERS can edit the wiki. This system would help protect authenticity (i. e canon info on the pages), protect against vandals (because we'll know exactly who it is if they're caught), and protect against trolls as well for the same reason. I think that it will only help the RE wiki become more reputable and trustworthy as a whole for information on this fandom. Put simply, user-only edit is a great security system for all the work that has been done for this wiki, and all the time that people have put in to make sure this wiki fulfills its purpose as an accurate source of information on the Resident Evil franchise.

Please vote either yes or no whether you'd like to have a user-only edit system. Comments are appreciated, too, if you'd like to share your thoughts. Majority rules, of course. Forerunner can then forward it to the people at Wikia so this system can be enacted.

Si or no, aye or nay, yep or nope, I'd really love it if you guys would vote and let me know if you want this kind of change on the wiki! It's really up to you guys.

Peace out, Mary

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