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  • MaximumLuger

    I was playing through and beat Jake & Sherry's compaign and noticed that each of the campaigns ended like the first three games and in order.

    Leon & Helena - Rocket launcher blast to the enemy.

    Chris & Piers - Explosion killing creature.

    Jake & Sherry - Final blows with a magnum and explosion.

    Anyone else notice this? Not sure if Ada's mirrors anything.

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  • MaximumLuger

    I think that the blonde could possible be Ashley because if you've noticed, both people have a high pitched voice. It might not be the same voice actress but its a possiblilty.

    This mysterious woman thats wiping out B.S.A.A agents, I believe, might be Ada. I don't have any evidence to prove it but it'd be cool to see her again.

    Or what if its Sherry for either role? O.o

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  • MaximumLuger

    I was just thinking on how Bravo team and the RPD officers died and it seems they're similar in some ways. Fred and Forest were on the upper floors of their buildings and both were pecked to death. Kenneth and Aaron were on their first floors and were attacked by zombies. Marvin and Richard are found wounded and eventually die. Enrico and Ed were shot by their superior. Did anyone else notice this?

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  • MaximumLuger

    What If....

    November 27, 2011 by MaximumLuger

    What if...

    1. They tried combining the T-Virus and Las Plagas or the T-Virus and Uroboros? Would it work and create something badass or not?
    2. they brought Sherry back as an Alexia based antagonist and Steve as her pawn?
    3. They made a game for characters whose not been used more frequently?
    • Carlos
    • Billy
    • Manuella
    • Sherry
    • Steve
    • Sheva
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