• MeDeoPal

    Hi, I thought; let's speculate about Resident Evil 6.

    It's bound to be one of the greatest entries in the series, I think. The storyline from what we've seen so far looks fantastic. I thought about what Chris said in the trailer, about that everyone died "BECAUSE OF THAT BITCH!!!". I believe this bitch is Jessica. I believe the T-Abyss virus will play a pivotal role in Chris' part of the game because we see a bipedal creature, that seems to be blowing up in blob ooze style. Of course, it might have been another T-Virus variant, or something else, but from what I know, T-Abyss seems the most likely to me.

    As for the mercenary, I firmly believe that it's Alex Wesker. He clearly has superpowers, the world wants his blood... I don't know what Sh…

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