• Montyzone

    First of all, it should not be numbered 7. I don't like that number, it just seems random, and it bring flashbacks of Final Fantasy VII.

    Maybe it should just be called Resident Evil (like the original, or the like the third installment, with a title)

    Resident Evil: Synergy.

    Resident Evil: Space-out.

    Something like that, but I suppose 7 could work, maybe I just need to get used to it.

    Great story rely heavily on character history and development process, and ofcourse who they are.

    I don't mind who's in it. new or old characters, I enjoyed Jake in 6 more than Moira or even Helena.

    also how about broadning the characters origions, they all seem either American, English, Black or European, what happened to Asians or heck!! Middle-easterns, we never s…

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