First of all, it should not be numbered 7. I don't like that number, it just seems random, and it bring flashbacks of Final Fantasy VII.

Maybe it should just be called Resident Evil (like the original, or the like the third installment, with a title)

Resident Evil: Synergy.

Resident Evil: Space-out.

Something like that, but I suppose 7 could work, maybe I just need to get used to it.


Great story rely heavily on character history and development process, and ofcourse who they are.

I don't mind who's in it. new or old characters, I enjoyed Jake in 6 more than Moira or even Helena.

also how about broadning the characters origions, they all seem either American, English, Black or European, what happened to Asians or heck!! Middle-easterns, we never see Middle-easterns as heros, EVER! anyway no worries.

No military please, This is NOT CoD, not Rainbow Six, not Splinter Cell. Chris is supposed to be a special task force with a suite, he wasn't supposed to be a soldier. he should appear more intelligent 

Leon is great as is, except his hair was ace in 2, I don't think he should still have the same hair, maybe he should have a mild trim, it may look good this time, he's not a rookie anymore. although he may look alot more like Dante in DMC.

Claire and Jill in RE:R/R2 felt old by the way they talk, they seemed to be suprised at everything happening, they shouldn't be, they expect bad things to happen when they're on a mission, they are now intelligent and understand how things work. make them be realistic in their conversations, it was like the old Resident Evils never took place, and they know nothing.


Umbrella comes back! Oswell E Spencer isn't dead...well he is, but he created a new version of himself before he died. he's more evil than all the bad ones combined.

Oswell with help from an identified person revive Umbrella by destroying all Bio-Organic Weapons and zombies using a cell-targeting system, where all carriers die instantly after a radiowave signal hits their cell through satelite technology. it's a peacful world, no terrorism, no deaths, peace on earth! and Neo-Oswell (different name) is prounounced man of the year, for providing the tech and funds to obliterate all viruses and parasites.

a large space-ship is develped and sent to space for alternate human-living planets, guess who funded that project...yup!

a crew of more than 20,000 people are on deck, and the panic rises when someone finds a trail of sweeped-up blood leading to the bridge.

a team of technicians and old members of the ex-BSAA members are sent to the spaceship to investigate.

why a spaceship you ask? maps, puzzles, hacking, dark rooms, emergency noises...and more to the point, the designer (Oswell's clone) he was the one who designed the ship in a sick, smart, realistic way. that may or may not include (familiar grounds)

if you don't like the idea, then you try picking a country that's interesting to explore, all of them have been done and dusted.


Bring Hans-Zimmer please!!!

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