I love continuity!

I like how Darkside Chronicles being a Precursor to 4 and the fact that Javier bought the Veronica virus from Wesker who extracted it from Steve Burnside's body. It just all fits into place perfectly. I don't know why but when storylines piece together like that I am just satisfied.

Also the fact that RE: Survivor is canon according to RE Zero.

Yeah, when things aren't canon it ticks me off because it's just a waste of time... like one time episodes of TV shows that are meant to be parallel universes (And don't tell us... -_- ) just tick me off. If it never happened in the actual show's storyline why bother showing it?

In other words I am a huge sucker for continuity. Am I a freak that way?

Moogleknight24 11:36, August 18, 2011 (UTC)Moogleknight24

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