I love RE4. Even though I'm a sucker for the old fashioned fixed camera games I seriously enjoy the action this game provides.

It's fun, especially when just five minutes ago I shot three Ganados head off at once with a single shotgun blow.

(Them walking a few feet without a head before falling is seriously the creepiest thing in the game so far)

But what is the most annoying thing that irriates you about the game enemy wise?

So far for me (I haven't gotten very far, I haven't even rescued Ashley yet) are the Dynamite Guys.

I hate them!!! They run out quite a distance from me and throw Dynamite that does serious damage and I'm usually trying to shoot them and I use the sight so I can't run at the same time.

They run out, throw the dynamite and run back.

These guys seriously tick me off. At least sometimes it backfires and they kill themselves. :D

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