Several Chat Moderators (American Morality, RE Fanist, REGunner, Spleepoppetween, P8, and myself) have declared that the rising amount of Chat Moderators is absurd; countless users are being promoted for obsolete reasons such as being a "Brony", or simply because they were liked by a single person. Twently-Two Chat Moderators is illogical; most don't even activley particpate on the Wiki or chat. In order to be a Chat Moderator, a user should have a mere 250 edits at least. An admin should also have a valid and relevant reason to promote a user. A clean-up of the Moderators shouldd be underwayed, stripping all in-active Mods of their rank temporally. The wiki will fall to ruin if Moderators are promoted for evidently no reason at all; Admins, please put this into consideration. A vote should take place, for we need a change.

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