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  • MrCallistoisawesome94

    So basically, as we have all seen from the the first trailer and E3 trailers of Resident Evil 6, this creature called "Ustanak", is a C-virus dirived Tyrant and successor to Nemesis. He can use weapons and has above average intelligence to follow orders by not killing Carla Radames. Anyway besides him trying to capture Jake for his blood and the fact that he has weapons, is there any new info on him?

    (I don't usually look for updates frequenty because of school work and other stuff)

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  • MrCallistoisawesome94

    Imo, it should be Ada! She works for a shadow organisation, can manipulate others into doing what she wants and has extensive knowledge on BOW's and can easily defeat them with whatever weapons she has at her disposal!

    Anyway, whatever your opinions are, I'll be happy to read them! ;-)

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  • MrCallistoisawesome94

    Hi everyone! This is the first time I have written a blog on this wiki. Overall, this wiki is fantastic and the creators of this wiki should be commended for the time and effort they put into making this wiki just so great. ;-)

    Anyway, just wondering. Has there been any new info regarding Resident Evil Damnation? All Capcom has shown us is just a trailer with Leon in a warzone, shooting lickers and aiming his AK at another soldier. Wtf, has Capcom given us a release date for the movie or has it been cancelled in favour of putting more time into Resident Evil 6? [I know I should just find the info myself but I just can't be bothered to do that at moment due to other commitments]

    Also, does anyone like the Resident Evil films? Sure they're "sl…

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