I thought I'd create this as a heads up, currently we have about "5" upcoming Resident Evil/Biohazard related projects at least coming out starting this year up until 2017, we have three games, one stage play and one certain movie that is going to feature Rebecca Chambers for the first time after Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 and it's also her first time appearing in a CG Movie and after such a long time (15 years would have past since the release of Zero and the upcoming CGI Film). She is also featured in the stage play. Will the following years starting this year, be the "Age of Resident Evil" once again?


Stage Plays / Films:

  • BIOHAZARD THE STAGE: Rebecca is featured in this play, now a BSAA Advisor and a scientist. Chris and other familiar characters are also featured.
  • BIOHAZARD (2017): Full Feature CGI Film Starring: Chris, Rebecca, and Leon.


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