This blog contains scenes of explicit violence and gore.

Return to isolation, limitation, gore, horror and combat. This is finally happening! I could not believe my eyes when I woke up to go do my exam on the 15th of June only to see this video in my subscriptions feed, I thought it was a joke by CAPCOM but realized its not april and its E3! I was speechless, the greatness I've seen was unexplainable, honestly... but now let's get to the important parts, Information! everyone loves details and I hope I can cover as much as possible to substitute for when I had exams.

Resident Evil 7 was announced at E3 in June 15, 2016, just a few days ago where a trailer was showcased and released online and a public "teaser demo" was announced for Playstation Plus subscribers.


At least there was two pitches and concepts of Resident Evil 7 that didn't pass, but CAPCOM Developer "Kitchen VR" and showcased it in 2015 (we will cover its important later on), which probably showed CAPCOM that this concept works and they went with it, and this time without the macho series original characters, though they might make an appearance later.


The gameplay is first person shooter style and supports Sony's VR Device. Below is the controls explanation provided by CAPCOM.

Teaser Demo plot

(Spoilers ahead!)

The game starts with a fourth person then you insert a VHS tape which shows events that occurred in the same house in June 1, 2017.

Three men, Clancy Javis (a camera guy), Pete (a host) and Andre (a producer) part TV crew of a programme known as Sewer Gators, came in the Bayou area in Southern America to investigate the Dulvey Haunted House, which according to rumours has been abandoned and many ghosts were sighted in the area. According to Andre a family member of 3 lived in the place, Jack, Marguerite and Lucas Baker, the Baker family.

Things go wrong when Andre disappears and you might witness a ghost lady/girl several times while playing (which may not be exactly a ghost). Clancy goes down the secret basement passage in order to take a hero shot of Pete climbing down and then Clancy finds Andre standing, who turns out to be dead with his face smashed onto a pipe and blood all over it, Clancy screams in horror as the body of the now deceased Andre falls on top of him, an unseen man walks toward him and the camera footage cuts with Clancy screaming in pain. The game then switches back to the fourth unknown person.


While playing you may get one of 4 or 5 known endings (there is possibly more!) CAPCOM wants you to "get out". There is supposedly one unknown Ending: Which is to get out of the house, not discovered yet. I can't confirm this but apparently CAPCOM staff reportedly emailed this back to a fan who asked them about "how to beat the game" which can be found here

Kitchen VR (2015 Project Morpheus VR Demo) Plot

There was really not much plot in this, but all we know from publications is the following:

As Pete tried to remove the wiring around the protagonist's hands, a person emerges (a flat chested woman? or just a man with long hair?) attacks him and prepares to do something, once again Pete throws himself on her and tries to stop her to give the protagonist time to free himself but she murders him once and for all. She drags Pete's body away and rips his organs out and chops off his head, to which the protagonist sees.

She emerges again and walks around the protagonist (Clancy) on the bloody floor and puts her hands over his face and then lunges at him with the glass shards in her hands, the screen cuts to black. **


So far only a few characters has been revealed form the teaser, only. This includes: The Bakers: A family of 3; Jim Baker, Marguerite Jim Baker is the one that says "welcome to the family son"

Marguerite and Jack Baker, without their bad seed. The protagonists: Clancy Javis is the protagonist in the VHS Tape gameplay, he is silent all of the time, he wears a blue t-shirt, a bracelet, a watch and a jeans. He never talks during the gameplay. ** The other protagonist: After and before viewing the events of the VHS Tape, you will notice this guy is wearing a different white shirt with a rolled sleeve, and no watch or bracelet can be seen, when a woman on the phone talks to him and says that she knows him in all the three different dialogues he replies "who are you?" ** The real protagonist: In other media (and a rare scene I've seen; not in the teaser) there is a black police officer seen and police car (a modern one) near the area, also a figure what appears to be a police officer aiming a flashlight from a window in the house (trailer). He could be the possible protagonist in the final game. CAPCOM confirmed the final game will have variety of environments, different protagonist and lots of combat and management. The man on wheelchair, Spencer? Guy with a hoodie / face mask. And, last but not least; a mysterious girl, which is treated as if she doesn't exist, she doesn't appear in photos, nor is mentioned but appears in the teaser and somehow could be the ghost apparition. She wears a really tight gown/dress for an adult lady, could be a symbolization of lost youth / innocence. **

Easter Eggs

(Help us list the easter eggs or any other discoveries, comment below!)

  • Time means something, October or January 24 maybe?
  • The lamp flickers in morse code "Get out"
  • Each line of the woman refers to a certain thing, power of choice, memories are the truth, goodbye..
  • Bible verse
  • Ghost girl / Mystery little girl, both could be the same person, the small tight dress may not be a nighty but a symbolization of lost youth or innocence.
  • The mannequins move by themselves
  • There is a helicopter picture near the telephone on the desk, the chopper has an Umbrella logo on it and a handwritten text on the back saying "Are they watching us from that helicopter?"

Police Car in screenshots

Certain "vocal Fans" complaints and my thoughts

  • We want horror!
  • Given horror
  • No this is not what we want, we want action and combat!
  • Given action
  • No we want horror!

Regarding the style/model change: Game developers are hardly chosen for more than one reason; creativity, competence, patience and the ability to make something original, not copy and use the same formula over and over, change is good as long as its quality.

The final game will have combat In the live Q&A Interview held for E3 2016 By CAPCOM Unity with Director Koshi Nakanishi and Producer Masachika Kawata, they said that the teaser only include exploration and horror while the final game will include: Exploration, Horror, Puzzles, Resource management and Combat with enemies.

"Bring back Shinji Mikami!" First of all I appreciate his work but he quit and that was because RE4 was ported to the PlayStation 2 only, he also threatened to cut his head off and he is the guy that took credit for work he has never done? the guy that bullied workers to take credit for their work, the guy that bullied RE2 Devs and never ever liked RE2? the guy that hates "3" and thinks it should be 1.9? the guy that takes credit for RE2 even though he didn't work on it aside from being a producer? the guy that only directed RE1, REmake and RE4 (Which apparently according to "some" true fans destroyed the franchise; while some say its the best)? Read his interviews.

"This is not Resident Evil, this is PT / Outlast / Amnesia / Walking Simulator" Are you kidding me? Fans have been asking for change since so long now, actually demanded it while some even asked for a complete model change / reboot, and now that we finally got something new people are still not happy and have to find something to complain about, and over a "teaser demo" no less. In my opinion this looks really promising.

"Resident Evil is not about fixed cams and Resident Evil 1 was to be FPS" It's Biohazard not BioStatic Camera, It's Resident Evil not Resident Camera. For PS1 Classics Shinji Mikami (the director whom is credited to the series creation; by himself) and the other devs explained the fixed cams were for better quality sceneries, while he originally intended for Resident Evil 1 to be an First Person Shooter Game with Ghost busting Cyborgs! That's all I'm going to say.

"This doesn't have zombies..." Resident Evil 6 had zombies but a lot of people complained its not Resident Evil (even though it was), and this game will have zombies, very early to quickly judge.

"If you like this or Umbrella Corps then CAPCOM paid you to like it" Not really, this is me, in my free well, clearly saying I like what I'm seeing, Umbrella Corps surely needs to be polished but I'm looking forward to that, also why wouldn't it be that you guys are paid to hate on every new RE Title? lol,


I'm glad Capcom went with this route for 7. A nice sequel and model change for Resident Evil with lots of promise and potential. Now let's end this with a nice comment from one of the fans.

"resident evil so called fans can never be pleased. Complain resident evil is repetitive ,they change it and people still complain like wtf do you want. True that! but there are fans like me that play all the games and love them..."
— Duelx on YouTube

I get the feeling that this will be the goriest and greatest Resident Evil title with the best gameplay and plot, especially since Koshi Nakanishi is directing this and Masachika Kawata as producer.

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