• Mrunal

    Hello Friends, I'm trying to edit the old articles on El-gigante, Dr.Salvador to write about Ammo saving tips but they say they're locked.

    so I'm copy pasting what I've wrote about Ammo saving.

    1st Dr. SAlvador is encoutnered in the village only IF you enter inside the Houses, or go to the far Left side end of the map before the 'Church bell ringing movie' comes. so keep running around throughout the village paths, but don't enter any house before the church-bell scene.

    as soon as you come out of the mansion, fire one shot, he'll start running towards you. Just pass by him, maintain a distance, there are about 3 villages in the path, but you can pass by them without getting hurt. so don't waste time in firing bullet on them, otherwise Dr.Salv…

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