Hello Friends, I'm trying to edit the old articles on El-gigante, Dr.Salvador to write about Ammo saving tips but they say they're locked.

so I'm copy pasting what I've wrote about Ammo saving.


Escaping Dr. Salvador at Village

1st Dr. SAlvador is encoutnered in the village only IF you enter inside the Houses, or go to the far Left side end of the map before the 'Church bell ringing movie' comes. so keep running around throughout the village paths, but don't enter any house before the church-bell scene.

Escaping Dr.Salvador at Village Chief's Mansion.

as soon as you come out of the mansion, fire one shot, he'll start running towards you. Just pass by him, maintain a distance, there are about 3 villages in the path, but you can pass by them without getting hurt. so don't waste time in firing bullet on them, otherwise Dr.Salvador will grab you from behind. So just keep running and running and you'll come to the big door, with 4-5 villagers waiting. Again don't shoot, keep running and if you maintain distance you'll touch the door with out getting caught or hurt by anyone, and then press 'Open Door' button and you're out of the danger zone.

Argument for and against about fighting Dr. Salvador

Benifits of fighting Salvador

you get about 5000 coins for killing Dr.Salvador in the Village You get a ruby for fighting Second Dr. Salvador who is found after Mendez's mansion. (Ruby can be sold for 10,000 coins)

Benifits of NOT fighting Salvador.

You'll save your precious health potions and lots of Ammo, which you'll need to fight first El-Gigante. (because the in the El-Gigante map, the gates won't unlock until you've killed him. so you can't escape El-Gigante like Dr.Salvador. Ammo is hard to find, especially in the PRO mode. Infact even in the easy mode you can run out of it pretty fast, because even the weakest village would take 5-6 hits to kill if you aiming is bad.

2nd El-Gigante

After you defend the house with the help of Luis from the mob of villagers. You've to move to next part, and you're given two paths. Both leading towards castle. Left side path- you'll have to fight lots of villagers plus two Bella sisters (Female chainsaw version of Dr.Salvador.) here you'll waste a lot of ammo, which you'll need to fight Mendez in next mission. And you can't escape the map with out fighting Bella Sisters because they've the 'key' in their necklace to open the door. and you'll get that key only if you kill them. Righ Side Path- you'll have to fight 2nd El-Gigante. but here you've the opportunity to run away with out fighting him and saving your precious ammo for Mendez.

Escaping 2nd El-Gigante and saving Ammo for Mendez

The moment you enter the quarry area, Take out your handgun and aim to the door, & shoot down the 3 chains locking it. Don't forget to have Ashley 'Follow' you. Because if you ask her to wait in the beginning part, then El-Gigante will immediatly crush her. Now run with Ashley, and El-Gigante jumps from the top,but you keep running, never look back. And you'll be at the 2nd gate which has similar 3 chains, shoot them down.

In the mean time, El-gigante follows you, and has destroyed all the huts. and one of the huts had the 'Old Key' which unlocks the final door of this map. so Run back, and grab the key, (there will be plenty of other items as well so feel free to loot, and remember when you're looting something El-Gigante can't hurt you. And keep running around, because if you stand still, then Ashely will also stand still and El-Gigante will crush her. When you get the Old key, immediatly run towards the last gate, unlock it and you're out of the area! without wasting any health potions or more than 10 rounds (spent on breaking the door locking chains.)

Benifits of fighting 2nd El-Gigante

You get about 10,000 pstas, and pride of completing the 'Tough job.'

Benifits of NOT fighting 2nd El-Gigante,

you'll save a lot of grandes, TMP Ammo, Rifle Ammo which can be used to fight Boss "Bitroz Mendez aka Big Cheese Aka Village Chief."

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