its the year 2014....

Its been some years after Raccoon' decimation
The fall of umbrella
The Plagas
The Fall of Albert Wesker.

As the year 2015 is about to start, New Raccoon City, a city which was created by president Graham (i mean Obama) to house the Raccoon Survivors. Built in 2012, this city was monitored by the citizens, but there was something creeping in the streets each day....

December 30th 2014.
RPD(using same map)
Chiki-Outside, Brad way
Tin- Herb patches
Jenny- main hall, talking to Zoey
Zoey- main hall, talking to Jenny

Auto Movement:
As Tin sees a person walking strangely, he walks to him and askes him

Tin: Hey, you okay?
(he realizes the guy's skin was indeed pale)
guy: I feel... sick.... Itchy...
(Chiki then reacts to the "itchy" talk)
Tin: just sit here, I will call for help. (runs towards the door, almost knocking off Zoey) Sorry.
Chiki: Whats with him?
<-The camera switches to tin, on the phones->
Tin: hello, 911? hello? Anyone? *usual phone error tone*
(there is no reception)
(enters jenny, who looks at Tin)
Jenny: who're you calling?
Tin: 911, there's this one guy...he appears to be sick.
Jenny:(looks at window) There's no guy. only a girl.
Tin: what? (looks outside of the window)
<-The camera shows Chiki near the herb patches, and Zoey calling on a cell->
Tin: but there is supposed to be-
(sound of Glass shattering somewhere, Jenny takes her a USP and hands Tin a Glock 18 SF)
Jenny: Name's Jenny, yours?
Tin: Tin.
*as the two gets outside they witness the horror what they see- Zombies.)
Tin: its them....
Jenny: Who?
Chiki: (enter's the camera view, She tells Zoey and the other two to get inside, as she closes the doors of the RPD.) If you would've brunt him to the RPD, you'll be them. (points Tin to the guy earlier)
(As Jenny gives everyone else a Glock 22, They rest in what should be Marvin's room.)

-Start of RPD Scenario-

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