I have noticed that alot of the blog posts have been on a steep decline in the overall information/speculation category. Actually, Ever since my coming to this wiki, I have seen my fair share of overall terrible blogs. Blogs that ask nothing of anyone, blogs not pertaining to resident evil in the least bit, even blogs that made little to no comprehensive sense at all. That is why I am taking this time out to point out what blogs should be, blogs should be a speculative theory or question that ask something from the Resident Evil Community.

Blog Rules, for those who have not read it at all yet...

In regards to this, I had an idea. Under the blogging rules it says that 3 or more repeat offenses of bad blog posting constitutes a minor block, I thought to prevent whorepointing(you get a badge for making a blog post) and shitty blogs altogether, wouldnt it be a good idea to lower the offenses to one or two bad blog posts constitutes a minor ban, and even more bad blogs constitutes a longer ban period.

We can either have it 1 bad blog constitutes a minor ban (This will drastically lower if not remove the decline in blogs issue, but might turn off brand new users that make bad starting blogs) or 2 bad blogs constitutes a minor ban, with a warning after the first bad blog (this will most likely ease the decline very little, because there are very little people who make consistently bad blogs, and they most likely wont make another bad blog after the warning). Also if a blog is not up to par at all with wiki standards(ex. I like cupcakes), we should request an admin to remove it.

So what does everyone think, should we change it to 1 offense, 2 offenses, or just leave it alone? Vote in the poll below, and/or share your opinion on the subject in the comments below

Should we change the blog banning policy?

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Thank you for your time, ..Necromancer115 | Enter the survival horror. .  02:46, May 4, 2012 (UTC)