Two new trailers from E3 have been revealed today. One was a Leon Scenario Gameplay Trailer, the other an E3 Trailer. I did an analysis on both trailers, and I am gonna point out different things that these trailers show us about the games, some obvious, and some you might have overlooked. This is not a complete list but with a little help from you guys, It could be. Point out anthing i missed and ill add it to the list. okay these are the things that i noticed...

RE6 E3 Gameplay Trailer

Gameplay of Resident Evil 6 E3 2012

Gameplay of Resident Evil 6 E3 2012



New Grenade Toss System?

  • Quicktime Events are back. (meh) but they look cooler. (yey?)
  • Zombie Hordes? (thank god for grenades)
  • New Grenade Throwing System (Pic Right)
  • Interactive Melee (Pulling knives out of zombies and stabbing them with it, smashing zombies against cars)
  • Driving Helicopters!!!! (It seems Resident Evil still wants to exterminate all helicopter pilots XD)


  • An unknown shotgun that Leon uses. (Pics below)

RE6 E3 Trailer

Resident Evil 6 - E3 Official Trailer (US)

Resident Evil 6 - E3 Official Trailer (US)


  • The Unidentified Man was given a name, Derek C. Simmons, and he was given an occupation, hes the American National Security Advisor, (which he is really bad at, apparently), Friend of the President (for like 30 Years), and also, the main antagonist.
  • Helena Harper has a sister, named Deborah Harper. She is taken from Helena by a shadowy figure that resembled Derek. (which would explain the beef Derek and Helena have)
  • Carla Radames is confirmed to be a part of the story, but in what way is unconfirmed at the moment. Though chances are shes not an Ada clone, considering in the picture shown, they look nothing alike (Either that or Neo Umbrella really sucks at cloning people)
  • Ada Wong is confirmed. (Shes not Carla Radames, its the Original Bitch in the red dress that we've learned to love and/or fear) She appears to be working for Derek, which also makes her a main antagonist. (Apple also thought this was the perfect time to reveal their iCube For $600 XD)
  • Umbrella Is Rising from the ashes, and is trying a Neo Nazi inspired name, Neo Umbrella. (Heil Spencer?)
  • Zombies on Planes? (Im TIRED of these MUTHAF*CKIN' Zombies, on this MUTHAF*CKIN' PLANE!!!)
  • Leon and Jake team up at some point to face that weird Robotic Tyrant thing (Overarcing storyline collaborations!!! YEAHHHH!!!)
  • Chris also helps Jake by providing sniper support while jake f*cks up zombies using a pistol and hand to hand combat in a pit. (Chris helping a Wesker? Not since RE1 have I se...)
  • Leon and Helena become suicidal lovers at some point and decide to jump off a bridge together because the zombie world cant understand their love for one another (Or maybe their escaping something... yeah that seems more logical than my theory XD)
  • Sherry appears to be taken from Jake at some point? (SHERRRYYYYYY!!!)
  • A missile is seen being fired and exploding in China (*Coughraccooncitycough*)



Protip: Don't F*ck with Sherry, She will cap yo ass on the back of a motorcycle.

  • You apparently get to drive an assortment of vehicles as well ad helicopters, such as Cars, Snowmobiles, and Motorcycles (I wonder they will be play card games on motorcycles?)
  • You can also fight while on the motorcycles (As seen with sherry cappin' bitches on the back of one)
  • Skydiving? (FTW)
  • You can knock over tables and use them as cover (TAKE MY MONEY!!)
  • You can swim (WHY ARENT YOU TAKING MY MONEY!!!)


  • Ada is seen using some kind of sniper rifle (I think it resembles the British sniper rifles from CoD, but im no gun expert) and shes pointing it at Sherry And Jake(*Gasp*) (Pic Right)
  • Leon is seen using an assault rifle against that Robotic Tyrant Thing (Pics below)



  • An assortment of weird Creatures are seen throughout the trailer (including some that fly, some that mutate while your fighting them, and some that are OH MY GOD WHAT THE F*CK IS THAKOBNDAFPIUDF)

Screenshot Gallery

E3 Leon Gameplay Trailer

E3 Trailer


This is what i gathered so far. Im going to add some screenshots and fix this up momentarily but for now this is it. If they release any more trailers at E3, I will add them to This Blog. Edit the articles as such, Yours Truly, ..Necromancer115 | Enter the survival horror. .  22:46, June 4, 2012 (UTC)