Today, Capcom released a video on their Resident Evil YouTube page showing gameplay of HUNK in Raid Mode. It shows off some general gameplay of Raid Mode, as well as HUNK, and a mysterious person shown at 1:17 in the video (kinda looks like a girl in a gas mask). The video is placed below, enjoy.

Resident Evil Revelations - HUNK Gameplay01:39

Resident Evil Revelations - HUNK Gameplay

Weapon List

Personal Comments

  • Glad to see HUNK make an appearance in any game, although I usually prefer non-canon appearances for him.
  • I like how it kinda looks like HUNK pulls the knife out of his wrist Ezio style when he melee's, but he most likely pulls it from a sheath somewhere.
    • Speaking of Melee attacks, I really hope they bring back the Neckbreaker for at least one of his moves.
  • Definately making at least one of my loadouts the Handgun Government, the Machine Gun MP5, and the Shotgun M3, as those are a few of my favorite guns in multiple games. (Any loadout you're looking forward to?)

Well thats all I noticed after watching it a few times, if I missed anything in the trailer, dont be afraid to tell me below..

ZeroMP5CLRNecromancer115 .  18:40, February 14, 2013 (UTC)

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