A short while ago, Capcom has released videos for the upcoming DLC Multiplayer modes for Resident Evil 6. The DLC will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace on December 18th for 320MS Points Per Game Mode, or 720MS Points for all 3 Game Modes (YUNO Free?). They have yet to specify if it will be released for PSN as well at this time (Sorry PS3 Players : /). There are 3 Game Modes, Predator, Onslaught, and Survivors):


RESIDENT EVIL 6 Multiplayer DLC - Predator Mode01:46

RESIDENT EVIL 6 Multiplayer DLC - Predator Mode

PedoFixto catch a Predator is a Game Mode in which one player takes control of Ustanak, and 5 other characters try and take down Ustanak, or at least survive long enough until the timer runs out. Similar to Juggernaut game modes, but I don't think the player character who killed Ustanak becomes Ustanak sadly.


RESIDENT EVIL 6 Multiplayer DLC - Onslaught Mode01:51

RESIDENT EVIL 6 Multiplayer DLC - Onslaught Mode

Onslaught is a 1v1 Game Mode in which a both players fight off enemies in their own secluded part of the map. After each player eliminates enough enemies during a combo (it appears to be in stacks of 10) it sends that number of enemies over to your opponent. The game ends when one of the players gets over-swarmed by enemies and dies. Essentially Tetris Battle Mode with Zombies XD


RESIDENT EVIL 6 Multiplayer DLC - Survivors Mode01:54

RESIDENT EVIL 6 Multiplayer DLC - Survivors Mode

Survivor is a Game Mode that puts 6 Players against eachother in a battle to the death. If an enemy player dies, they can continue the game as a member of the Undead and attack their assailants. If they succeed in killing someone, they get to come back into the game. The Last Man Standing Wins. Similar to Heroes Mode from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, except instead of becoming Wolfpack or Spec-Ops when you die, you become zombies, and instead of there being good and evil teams, everybody is evil and wants to murder you for no reason whatsoever XD.

Protip to winning this game mode indefinitely forever for all time:

  1. Choose a character with a Rocket Launcher.
  2. Equip Rocket Launcher.
  3. Fire at Nearest Living Person.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

(Yayy, Just like Resident Evil 5: Versus!!!)

So that's it, How does it sound to everyone, anyone Super Excited to get this Game Mode? is it just meh? Or is it terrible because < Insert Anti-Capcom Rant About Raping Our Wallets With Stuff That Should Already Be On Disk >? Share your opinions in the Comments Section Below.

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