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Spencer Mansion Recreated In Forge

Hey Guys. I watching zero punctuation, and a blog post on the side caught my eye. It was titled "Resident Evil Mansion Rebuilt in Halo: Reach". I watched the video and it was really cool, and figured you guys would appreciate it as much as I did when watching it. Here is the link.

Heres The Video...


Do you Like it or Hate it. Express yourself in the Comments...

EDIT: My computer derped when I posted this and didnt show up. I tried to repost this again an hour or two later, and it told me that It already existed. So I refreshed the home and there it was. Just one problem.... HellJumper beat me to the punch. I dont know if you can delete blog posts, and if you can, i dont know how... so for now im keeping it up... so refer to both our blogs for now. Im sorry about this.

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