I was thinking of gathering together a group of players and playing through campaign together with real Resident Evil fans as opposed to a group of randoms If anyone is interested list your gamertags here in the comments below, and if anyone here has a youtube and would like to film a lets play (must have some editing skills) on ORC please let me know I'm willing to play with as many ppl as possible but only a few will be in the main group I play with

Gamertag: HOODMAN28

Update!!!: so far i have about four people for a team but If anyone is still interested in adding me i will accept and we'll be able to play on different occasions also another Community Member Necromancer115 is setting up a community play date for all of you still in need of a team please check out the Resident Evils First community Event: ORC Singleplayer Playthrough sign-up and read the info there the rules are pretty much the same as mine so get over to that page and sign up XD!!! P.S. I'm looking for one more team member i'm comfortable with this person must be either sniper class, field scientist class or Demolitions excpert I'd prefer a sniper but any of these are ok anyone interested let me know.


  1. You must know at least the main storyline of the games (1-4 at least)
  2. You must be friendly and able to get along with others and some what social (No racisim tolerated)
  3. You must have Gold membership (how will we talk or play)
  4. You must be at least 15 or older No squeekers!
  5. Willing to pick a class and stick with it for the 1st playthrough

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