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    Project Umbrella's exclusive interview with Yasuhisa Kawamura, the scenario writer for BH3, has finally been posted. Within he reveals many more previously unknown details surrounding the series storyline, and also reveals scrapped stories and the plot behind the "Progenitor" and "Hallucination" (Hookman) versions of BH4. Enjoy!

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    While translating a few things, I thought I should make notes of the mistranslations, errors or made up nonsense I find. Here are just a few examples off the top of my head.

    Left Side - English version. Right side - Japanese version.

    NE-T virus / NE-T Type specimens

    Umbrella Medical Service / Umbrella Medical Equipment

    Umbrella affiliates / Umbrella business group

    Rival company / opposing organization

    Ozwell / Oswell

    Ginovaef / Zinoviev

    Douglas Rover / Douglas Lauper

    NE-α / NE-α Type

    Master/Control Plaga - Dominant species Plaga

    Umbrella Chemical Inc. / Umbrella Pharmaceuticals

    Research Facility / Laboratory

    Reagent / Agent

    USS 2nd division / USS 2nd squad

    Travis Trading / Travis Enterprises

    Survey of Natural History / Natural History Conspectus

    Umbrella M…

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    I'll start by being honest and blunt: I hate this wiki. I've hated it for years. It is a festering cesspool of incorrect information, terrible writing, non-existant quality control and an appalling lack of citations and sources, not to mention an abundance of trolling and vandalism and, well, just plain bullshit. It goes against everything we have worked very, very hard for on Project Umbrella, and is more popular due to being a wiki, so its bullshit tends to spread fast, which is sad to see when something which purports to be some sort of bastion of great information is actually nothing but trash and nonsense. If Wikia were not strict about it and wouldn't revert the decision, I would immediately delete it forever. It has zero redeeming fe…

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