While translating a few things, I thought I should make notes of the mistranslations, errors or made up nonsense I find. Here are just a few examples off the top of my head.

Left Side - English version. Right side - Japanese version.

NE-T virus / NE-T Type specimens

Umbrella Medical Service / Umbrella Medical Equipment

Umbrella affiliates / Umbrella business group

Rival company / opposing organization

Ozwell / Oswell

Ginovaef / Zinoviev

Douglas Rover / Douglas Lauper

NE-α / NE-α Type

Master/Control Plaga - Dominant species Plaga

Umbrella Chemical Inc. / Umbrella Pharmaceuticals

Research Facility / Laboratory

Reagent / Agent

USS 2nd division / USS 2nd squad

Travis Trading / Travis Enterprises

Survey of Natural History / Natural History Conspectus

Umbrella Medical Paris / Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, Paris Laboratory

Umbrella Industry / Umbrella Industries

R. Lambert / Ben Bertolucci

Cleaner / Umbrella Trashsweeper

Personnel Division / Human Resources Department

Midotoram / Midazolam

Influren / Isoflurane

Puncronium / Pancuronium

Bentazocene / Pentazocine

Fax from the HQ - Monitors Memo

Supervisor / Monitor

Observer / Monitor

Plasmolyzing / Virus fusion (I didn't realize Lisa Trevor was a plant in the English version)

Many more to come. Here's a 13 page forum topic with several more and some additional content.

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