I'll start by being honest and blunt: I hate this wiki. I've hated it for years. It is a festering cesspool of incorrect information, terrible writing, non-existant quality control and an appalling lack of citations and sources, not to mention an abundance of trolling and vandalism and, well, just plain bullshit. It goes against everything we have worked very, very hard for on Project Umbrella, and is more popular due to being a wiki, so its bullshit tends to spread fast, which is sad to see when something which purports to be some sort of bastion of great information is actually nothing but trash and nonsense. If Wikia were not strict about it and wouldn't revert the decision, I would immediately delete it forever. It has zero redeeming features. Nil. Nul. Zilch. All edits have gone virtually unchecked and pretty much any dumb shit has been allowed to seep through.

That said, I can't guarantee a sudden change from bullshit -> ACCURATE!, but while the staff of Project Umbrella are managing it, standards will improve regardless. It's very possible (and sadly, most likely) that the lack of a basic editorial process over the years has eroded this wiki so much that it is beyond repair, but we'll try our best.

Firstly; the localized English versions of the series are largely irrelevant when it comes to the series storyline. Many details are skewed or left out during translation as a result of simply incompetent translators who aren't well-versed with the series lore; they're doing a quick job. CAPCOM USA and CAPCOM Europe have zero authority over the series storyline, which is dictated solely by the Production Studios at CAPCOM Japan. If you see a "plot hole" or blatant mistake in the English versions of the games, there is a 99.9% change that it is not there in the original Japanese text. English manuals and English "official" websites are garbage and do not qualify as reliable sources.

Secondly; please do not even attempt to blend elements from the likes of the S.D. Perry novels and Wildstorm comics with the game series.

Third; if you want to know what is "canon" in the series, go here:

Anyway, in spite of all that...

If accuracy is what you want, go straight to Project Umbrella. Don't even pay attention to this place unless you are willing to wait a long, long time for conditions to improve. This is not the place for accurate information on the series right now, if ever. But we'll try.

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