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    Resident Evil 6 Theory

    December 11, 2011 by Nicola Polito

    I have a few Ideas what capcom should do for Resident Evil 6 in my point of View I know all of us have different Views on it but listen first and tell me what you think and then let me hear your suggestions afterwards. First Things first we need characters and this is what I've come up so far.

    1: Leon Scott Kennedy( Main Character)- US Government Agent

    2: Barry Burton( Side Character and playable for a Chapter or two)- BSAA Agent

    3: Rebecca Chambers( Side Character and Barry's Partner for the two chapters with Barry Burton)- BSAA Agent

    4: Alex Wesker( Secondary Antagonist)- Unknown Organzation

    5: II Veltro( Main Antagonist)- Terriost Organzation

    6: Alexander Rodriguez( Minor Antagonist)- 3rd Organzation Operative

    7: Several BSAA Members

    8: US Go…

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  • Nicola Polito

    I know this is a random but I think this would be a good topic to discuss about the upcoming Resident Evil: Damnation sequel to Degeneration. I want your views and what month do younthink it will be released after capcom said it will be released in 2012 but didn't tell us theexact month

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  • Nicola Polito

    I heard a Rumour about three years ago from a guy from Youtube who had contacts rom Capcom and he told me the following will happen in RE6. There will be a new Nemesis model who will kill either Chris Redfield or Leon Scott Kennedy to introduce a new Protagonist to the Resident Evil series either being the brother of Chris Redfield and Claire Reield or the Brother of Leon Sott Kennedy after I heard this I didn't believe either of them two would ever die since they are very important protagonists to the series. So guys what do you think of this guys rumour do you think it's true or not let me see what you guys think.

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  • Nicola Polito

    This is my Theory on Alex Wesker so don't hate just reply and comment so here is my Theory Alex Wesker is a superHuman like Albert Wesker but superior with Albert Wesker's same powers such as Regeneration, Super Speed, Agility and Super Human strength. You'll be asking how is that possible he is and old git here's my answer to that he could of use Spencer's Virus of immortality to create a Virus to change his physical Apperance from an old man into a young man in his changes but inside he still very old but his phiscal apperance stays permanet due to the effect of the virus. That's All I can think of for now

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  • Nicola Polito

    My discussion today is about who would be a better Jack Krauser in the action live films if there was an sequel to Retribution and I came up with two names who I think would make a good Jack Krauser the the two names I came up with were John Cena and Arnold Scharzenegger. So tell me what you guys think and your thoughts about this if Jack Krauser was ever considered to be part of the Resident Evil live action films sequel to Retribution

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