I have a few Ideas what capcom should do for Resident Evil 6 in my point of View I know all of us have different Views on it but listen first and tell me what you think and then let me hear your suggestions afterwards. First Things first we need characters and this is what I've come up so far.

1: Leon Scott Kennedy( Main Character)- US Government Agent

2: Barry Burton( Side Character and playable for a Chapter or two)- BSAA Agent

3: Rebecca Chambers( Side Character and Barry's Partner for the two chapters with Barry Burton)- BSAA Agent

4: Alex Wesker( Secondary Antagonist)- Unknown Organzation

5: II Veltro( Main Antagonist)- Terriost Organzation

6: Alexander Rodriguez( Minor Antagonist)- 3rd Organzation Operative

7: Several BSAA Members

8: US Government Pilot

now the location where it will take place. personally for me I would love to see this game take place in a frozen location something like Alaska or the North Pole.


1: Invisble Hunters from Revelations

2: Zombies

3: Nemesis( The 3rd Organzation Model)

4: Zombie Wolves from Revelations

5: A couple of New B.O.W.S

so tell me what you guys think and give me a few ideas of your own aswel what you think would be a suitable storyline for RE6.

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