HOLY CRAP THIS PLACE IS HUGE, I thought. This aint no police station its a..a...a BIG place! It's so big an underground scicnce lab could fit, but what are the odds of that being there? OMG a cop! He can tell me another way to get to Red Lobster! He told me that since too many zombies saw me, they'rer surrounding the fence and this station is filed with zombies too!He also said that about five minutes after I came into the building, he entered through a window where he went to Red Lobster and stole some breadsticks and sandwiches. He was bitten by a zombie while coming into the window and dropped the food somewhere in the station. He advised me to find it so I could give one-third of the meal to Kate..I mean Claire! I would eat too but he begged me to give him just one bite of a bredstick before he dies. I left for the STARS office, maybe he left it there. OMG look a giant lobster!!! DIE!!!!!!!!! I just wasted 3 shotgun shells on thatr monster! I must evade these zombies and head upstairs!! (BOOM BOOM BOOM!(SHOTS FIRED) BOOM) Oh its a good thing I got to the office before Valentine did, I would have to find the key! DANG NO ?FOOD! But wait, a shotgun, ammo and a gold coin! Oh wait a unicorn! Wait......WHO IS THIS IN THE PHOTO ON JILL'S DESK!!!!!???!!! THE DESCRIPTION SAID IT MAIGHT BE HER BOYFRIEND!!!! I AM NEVER DATING HER AGAIN!!! Oh hey Claire! I told her about the plan for finding the food and splitting it. We left and I foudn some keys, killed a few zombies, made out with Claire then finally found the sandwiches and breadsticks! Marvin! Marvn! I found're a zombie....Oh Well, I get half now!! Dangit Claire Im sick of waiting! I decided to go to the jail cells and break my brother out. IDK why these cops think those fireworks came from him!?! I went into the garage and someone shot at me! I take my aim and.....oh....hello beautiful! She toled me she was looking for her borfriend, Jack (or John or something). The only way to make her my lady is bribe John with the breadsticks to break up with John. After thinking, I decided to leave Claire here and replace her with Addy..I mean Ada..that's her name. I went into the cells and saw John. I SCREAMED AND KICKED THE BARS, TELLING HIM TO GET UP....then.....I found out he was a reporter....

Chronicles of Leon part 3 (POLICE STATION 2)


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