As many of you know, on the page for Resident Evil, there is a link to read the script that was written by George A. Romero which Capcom asked him to write for a Resident Evil movie. After saying no, he decided to think about it and wrote a full script later. MANY thought it was great (it even included PLANT 42, the Tyrant, and Hunters) but after officials read it, they turned it down and for some reason went for Paul W. S. Anderson's script instead. Now don't get me wrong, I thought the movie itself was good, but it hardly had anything to do with the games. It should've been part of a spin-off movie series (like Ganados should be) and the original script should've been the movie. I have read the script and am very impressed with it because it keeps most of the characters from the first game, ALL the creatures, ended the same, and left BIG room for a sequel. For those of you you have read the script or know that you don't even have to read it to know that George Romero did GREAT, please speak....

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