I do this for fun when I'm bored. I started writing a script for a new movie based on Resident Evil 2. This is just the semi beginning of the script. Please read it and tell me what you think.





(A sky POV shows the overhead of the forrest. It is large. Then quick glimpses of S.T.A.R.S. patches are seen along with the UMBRELLA LOGO, ZOMBIES, THE SPENCER ESTATE and PICTURES OF JILL VALENTINE AND CHRIS REDFIELD.)


In the Summer of 2011, a series of cannibolisitc murders were taking place in the Arklay Mountains wooded area near Raccoon City, Colorado. The area was closed off by the Raccoon City Police Department and their elite special force, S.T.A.R.S. was sent in to investigate. The mission went bad the minute they landed. They were soon attacked and had no choice but to barricade themselves inside a rundown mansion in the middle of the woods. Inside, however, the officers encountered different types of B.O.W.S. (Biological Organic Weapons) focused on the killing them. They discovered that the creatures were products of the T-Virus, a secret breakthrough in medicene developed by Umbrella Chemicals Incorporated. The mansion and viruses were soon destroyed by the few survivors of the team....but Umbrella's experiments were far from over.


(The camera angles above the trees, giving us a far away view of RACCOON CITY. The screen fades and the scene jumps to....)


(Water flows vastly through the artificial river. On the side railings, thousands of rats scurry fast towards the unseen end of the tunnel. In the middle of the horde, two men appear runing through them. They both wear black tactical clothing with heay duty boots and grey tactical vests. Their blakc cargo pants hold two sidearm holsters. Both wear tactical helmets with built in gas masks. In the hands of the FIRST SOLDIER is an MP5K and in the hands of the SECOND SOLDIER is an M4A1. There are PATCHES on their right soldiers with an UMBRELLA LOGO beneatht he name, UMBRELLA SECURITY SERVICE. The SECOND SOLDIER speaks into a WALKIE TALKIE he pulls out of his BELT.)


Alpha Group to Beta Group, this is VASQUEZ, wear are you the we lost the thing! Hello?!

(It takes a second but a VOICE answers.)


This is HUNK from Beta! I found HARRISON he's D.O.A. I'm all that's left! I don't know where that thing is either. Retreat! That's an order, retreat!


Where's the nearest exit out of here? We're on a seperate path than we came in!


Follow the rats, they're heading for some kind of exit.


Copy! Over and...

(SECOND SOLDIER screams and starts to fire crazily at something unseen in front of him. VASQUEZ looks up.)



(He drops the walkie talkie and starts to fire too but it seems hopeless as the POV comes form the tall figure. It comes closer to the two men and the POV changes to the other side where we can only see the RATS rushing and hear the two men screaming before dying. The screen fades to black and the title, Resident Evil 2 appears on screen. After that, Some days later appear on screen and fades to....)


(The WHEELS of a JEEP speeding on the somehow empty highway. Inside, a grey haired and young rookie COP drives. He is nervous and hell bent on making it to the CITY. He is wearing a blue tactical uniform with SWAT written on the back and R.P.D. written on the chest. Though young, he is tugh and outgoing but doesn't have a clue what will hapeen to him. He drives straight through the empty highway to the top of a hill-like street where we see a great view of RACCOON CITY. This man is LEON S. KENNEDY. He looks closer at the city and to his surprise sees 4 BUILDINGS ON FIRE.)


What the Hell?!

(He SPEEDS up and exits onto the road leading into the CITY. He passes a bush with THE BODY OF A SOLDIER laying under it.)


(The area seems abandoned. Trash is lightly laying on the ground and cars are all lining up. No one is in the cars. On an alternative way into the city and onto the road, a HARLEY MOTORCYCLE stops next to a group of rats that scurry away. Riding the motorcycle is a beautiful young woman in her 20's from college. She wears a QUEEN T-SHIRT with a DENIM VEST and SHORT SHORTS. Her BOOTS jump off the bike and she takes of her helmet to reveal her face. She has light black hair with a vast amount a red streaks. This CLAIRE REDFIELD. She places her helmet on the bike and looks around.)



(No answer)


Is anybody there?

(No answer. She looks to her left and sees a medium-sized diner on the corner. She walks towards it and the scene goes to LEON. His JEEP enters the same street but CLAIRE is already out of sight. He is on the opposite side of the DINER. The JEEP quickly stops in front of a FEMALE CORPSE. FLIES nad CROWS covering it fly away and LEON exits his JEEP. )


Oh my God!

(He looks left then right and unclips his holster.)


(CLAIRE enters the room to see it abandoned. The place is a MESS. BROKEN PLATES cover the floor and TABLES are overturned. ROTTING FOOD sits on the counters and the end of a TABLE is nailed to a WINDOW.)



(She looks to a botth and sees LEGS laying down. She quickly runs up to the legs to see them attached to....NOTHING! A man is above him hunched and....feeding on the legs! CLAIRE's eyes widen and her mouth drops as she bcks away. The MAN looks up to reveal his hideous face. He's EYES are WHITE, his VEINS are DARK BLUE, his cheeks are beginning to ROT and BLOOD drolls from his MOUTH. This is a ZOMBIE!)


(LEON carefully examines the body.He keeps looking to his sides for someone and breathes slowly, keeping calm and professional.)


What sick basterd could do this?!

(On the back of the JEEP, a decomposed hand grabs the bumper. LEON looks closer at the body.)


Are these bite marks?



(LEON quickly turns around to see THREE ZOMBIES walking slowly towards him.)


Police! Listen I am an officer of the peace I can get you to safety. This is a crime scene and you all appear to be hurt. I can get you to medical help and interogate you.

(The ZOMBIES don't listen and keep coming towards him. LEON walks up to the closest ZOMBIE.)


Sir, I need you to ca....

(The ZOMBIE tackles him to the ground and lunges at him. LEON grabs his chest and head and trie to push him off. After about 3 seconds, LEON gets an even more shocked expression.... no HEART BEAT!)


Get off me!

(LEON pushe shim off and runs to the middle of the street. He pulls out his BERRETA 9 MILLIMETER and aims it at them.)


Freeze! That's far enough!

(They keep coming and LEON finally goes for the last resort. He FIRES at one of the ZOMBIE'S CHEST which doesn't effect him. LEON shoots 3 more times with no effect. He starts firing at all of them.)


This ain't right!

(The FEMALE CORPSE suddenly grabs his leg.)



(He shoots it in the SHOULDER BLADE and backs into the alley behind the DINER. Sudenly, the back door of the DINER opens up and LEON rushes to it and aims his gun at....CLAIRE.)


Wait, Sir! Don't shoot....!


Get down!

(She follows and LEON shoots the ZOMBIE BEHIND HER point blank inthe forehead. It collapses. LEON holds out his hand.)


Take my hand we gotta get outta here!

(She grabs his hand and the two see the zombies coming. They go to the other side of the street where less zombies are. LEON looks around and sees an R.P.D. CROWN VICTORIA INTERCEPTOR.)



(They enter and look around. LEON sees the KEY in the ignition.)


Thank God!

(He starts it and they take off into the city.)

Please forgive the spelling arrors. If I correct them i screws up more grammer but once I return to the page I can fix it. In my next part of the script, Leon and Claire meet Kendo and we see Jill for the ifrst time as she escapes her apartment building. I plan tp put the characters from RE2, RE3 and the Outbreak game sin the script. I know it will take a while and a lot of writing but I think it's possible. They will all meet. I will include Dario, Chief Irons, Kevin, Brad, Yoko, Sherry, Birkin and more. I will also have Mr. X, Nemesis and Birkin's monster form in the script. I will also explain how Leon got past the army barricades into the city along with Claire and the destruction of the city. I know that it will make a a plot not game linear but I think it will be good. What do oyu guys think?

(P.S.-Sorry again for the grammer, my computer is really screwed up....)

Officer Leon 07:09, August 9, 2011 (UTC)

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