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aka Chris Redfield

  • I live in BSAA
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is Resident Evil Collector
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  • Original Hybrid Klaus

    The World of Resident Evil has many characters Heroes and Villans that many people have grown up playing as them or with them, the resident evil franchise is exstensive and many fans have either grown up with the series playing them since the 90's while others are late bloomers who got into the franchise a little later on. i myself got into the series in 2004 my first game was Resident Evil Remake on the Gamecube. never the less im going to announce my top ten resident evil characters you may agree or completely disagree with my list and that's fine im happy to see your opinions.

    Here are a few honourable mentions of characters that did not make my list but are iconic and deserve to be mentioned.

    1. Ada Wong:

    Ada Wong works as a spy and her m…

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  • Original Hybrid Klaus

    as some users may or may not know i left on my wall a top 5 list of my favorite resident evil games some people may agree some people may think what the hell i was thinking i am open to all opinions good and bad but i figured i would at least share with you why these specific games made my top 5's list, i hope you enjoy please comment weather you agree or not.

    Number 5 - Resident Evil Directors Cut

    Resident Evil Directors cut is the game that started it all and helped create some unforgetable moments for all resident evil and survival horror fans alike, who could forgot the terror they felt when the first zombie is found eating one of your team members and then turns around to face you, you can say you didn't bolt from your chair when you ra…

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