The World of Resident Evil has many characters Heroes and Villans that many people have grown up playing as them or with them, the resident evil franchise is exstensive and many fans have either grown up with the series playing them since the 90's while others are late bloomers who got into the franchise a little later on. i myself got into the series in 2004 my first game was Resident Evil Remake on the Gamecube. never the less im going to announce my top ten resident evil characters you may agree or completely disagree with my list and that's fine im happy to see your opinions.

Here are a few honourable mentions of characters that did not make my list but are iconic and deserve to be mentioned.

1. Ada Wong:

Ada Wong works as a spy and her main focus is achieving her goals by any means, she sometimes works as double agent this was seen in Resident Evil 4 when she pretended to work with wesker to gain a master plaga specimen. she is stylish, sexy, tough and always prepared for any situation. i really like her chemistry with Leon in the series of resident evil but i think its time to give us some closure as in most games it keeps hinting there is something there but you don't really know for sure, all in all she is an amazing character to the franchise and lets be honest the franchise wouldn't be the same without her.

2. HUNK:

Hunk is a character we do not know much about, yet his mysterious nature seems to have attracted many fans of the franchise. he is a trained soilder and a survior of raccoon city which not many people can say they are. he is cool, straight to the point and much like ada he focuses on surviving and completeing his goals. he belives survival is your own responsablity. in conclusion Hunk is just so damn cool he needed to be mentioned.

3. Jake Muller

Jake Muller also Known as Jake Wesker is obviously the son of Previous resident evil villan Albert Wesker, Jake was one of the new characters added to the cast of resident evil in resident evil 6 alongside Helena and Piers. i really liked Jake's character in RE 6 i love how you see the character devlope from a cold hearted mercenary caring for nothing but the power of money to carrying almost heroic indivitual who acutally cares for saving the world and not for the money, most of his change is largely due to sherry's influence through out the game, i really loved the chemistry Jake and Sherry had, the other reason is jake finding out that his father Albert Wesker was an insane nutjob trying to destory the world, this made jake vow to never follow in his fathers footsteps. all in all he is a good character who i would love to see in future games and this is way he deserved a mention.

on to my acutal top 10 list:

10. Sherry Birkin

Sherry Birkin started out in the series as a little girl in raccoon city, she is the daughter of william and  annette birkin. as she is only a child in resident evil 2 she does not contribute much she just has to run from her mutated father trying to infect her. In resident evil 6 she makes a reappearence as a goverment agent simlar to Leon. she has grown to be a mature strong women who can take care of herself in a fight and can take responsablity for her actions. she has a cheerful personality which often clashed with Jake's cold personality in their storyline but it is this cheerful nature that begins to change Jake for the better and makes him see things in a different light, i really liked the way capcom reintroduced her character and i would definitly like to see her return in future games.

9. Piers Nivans

Piers Nivans is a new member of the resident evil cast and is Chris's new partner in Resident Evil 6.  i really like Piers character in Resident Evil 6 he cared for his team, showed he would risk his life to save them and to protect the mission of destorying bio terrorism, he is also responable for pulling Chris Redfiled back into the game and giving the Resident Evil Hero something to fight for. Piers has a strong sense of justice and wants all bio terriorists punished and removed so the world may be a safer place, i liked the friendship between chris and piers i liked how capcom allowed their friendship to strengthen through out the game. he is intelligent, quick minded, a expert in weaponary and hand to hand combat and he has a willingness to give his life for his team and for his mission, Piers is the definition of a true hero.

8. William Birkin

William Birkin is a scientist who spent his life researching viral weapons, his most prized item was the G Virus which later would turn him into a mutate version of his formerself, his daughter sherry birkin was effected by his work as seen later on in RE 6. William Birkin was also a friend to Albert Wesker as the two worked toghter on the T virus and its reasearch. in re 2 he always installed fear into resident evil fans when ever he appeared on screen (save for the last time you fight him on the train as that is just ridiculously easy) and created some memorable moments with resident evil fans. 

7. Leon Kennedy

out of all the characters in resident evil many fans will protest that Leon is without a doubt the best resident evil character ever. in RE 2 he was an everyday rookie cop who just got caught in the middle of the viral outbreak which destoryed raccoon city. in RE 4 he came back as a goverment agent with a lot more confidence in face of danger and terrfying creatures. fans also like him for being one of the more retro characters of the series. in RE 6 he returns with new partner Helena Harper again many fans say Leon's story was the best as it was the story that kept to the roots of Resident evil the most. in my opinion Leon is an awesome character i prefered him in RE 4 as many people who read my previous blog will know RE 4 although not my favorite is the Resident evil game i completed the most (60 times) he was just so cool and badass you honestly felt like you would survive and nothing would stop you from escaping. he was also the knight in shining armor to Ashley through out resident evil 4, however in re 6 most survivors die around him so be careful if a zombie outbreak starts and your around Leon :P. he is also one of the survivors of raccoon city which only 4 other people can say they are. 

6. Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers was the rookie medic in the bravo S.T.A.R.S unit she was inexperienced in combat and life and death situations but managed to hold herself steady extremely well. many fans love her for being one of the more retro characters in the series. she survied two mansion incidents and help both chris and billy in RE 1 and RE 0. however i would love to see her character return and see how she has progressed since RE 0 and RE 1. she is a sweet caring person who wants to do whats right and help people. it is impossible not to like her and that is why she takes the number 6 spot.

5. Barry Burton

Barry Burton you awesome son of a gun, Barry Burton is one of the most liked characters in the series. in RE 1 (Director's cut) he was known for saying some pretty funny diologue that is still funny to this day, in RE Remake he was given a more serious role but he did still posses his funny personality at times. Barry also offers the player a sense of security and safety when ever barry showed up however scared you may have been you always feel safe when barry arrives. Barry made a reapparence in RE REV 2 (cannot say much here yet as i have not played the game myself). he has been there since the begining and although conflicted he always does the right thing eventually, that is why he takes the number 5 spot.

4. Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield is another favorite for most fans mainly due to him being in RE 1 so many fans started out the series playing as him or with him, he is a no nonsense character who much like Piers and Ada focuses soully on the mission not allowing anything to hinder or distract him. he is the survivor of the mansion incident and the rockfort island incident. in RE 5 he risked everything to find his long lost partner including the mission itself which suggests he is very conflicted at times. in RE 6 he loses his squad in battle and seems then to choose not to fight B.O.W's anymore until Piers shows up. there is a lot of saddness and loss to his story but also a sense of what it is like to be a real hero.

3. Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker the badass that badasses fear, in my opinion Albert Wesker is the best video game villian ever, he has got it all he has been there since the beginning and does an excellent job as being the villian in the background plotting and picking his moments perfectly. many fans were annoyed at his death in RE 5 (including myself but hey it had to happen sometime) he his a manipulative character with a lot of history in the series and helped create some of the best and most remembered moments of the whole series, there will never be another video game villian as good as the man himself Albert Wesker!

2. Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield is without a doubt one of my all time favorite resident evil characters and one of my favorite female protanganists of all time, she makes her debute to the franchise in Resident Evil 2 as a biker who is in town looking for her brother Chris. during the incident she bumps into Leon and the two work toghther to get out of the city (along with sherry birkin of course) she knows how to use firearms and knows hand to hand combat thanks to her brothers training. she is known for having a soft spot for kids and is the best mother figure to have. Claire herself has a mainly soft personality when it comes to her friends and family if there in trouble claire will fight too the death to help. she is tough, awesome, Beautiful and a true hero.

1. Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine is hands down my favorite Resident Evil Character ive liked her ever since my first resident evil game which was resident evil remake and she was the first resident evil character i ever played as. she is tough, beautiful and she has been there since the beginning she has done so much in this series its impossible not to like her. she is also the main protanganist in my favorite resident evil game Resident evil 3. i really did not like her absence in RE 6 i hope they re introduce her character in future games.

thanks for reading this

Chr-RE6 Ada-Wong
HUNK by Aikido456
Cg jake
Cg piers
Dr. William Birkin 2000
Cg leon
Rebecca Chambers
Barry shoot.
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Claire redfield degeneration 4 by claireredfield7
Jill valentine re 5 wallpaper by vicky redfield-d4tn61f

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