as some users may or may not know i left on my wall a top 5 list of my favorite resident evil games some people may agree some people may think what the hell i was thinking i am open to all opinions good and bad but i figured i would at least share with you why these specific games made my top 5's list, i hope you enjoy please comment weather you agree or not.

Number 5 - Resident Evil Directors Cut

Resident Evil Directors cut is the game that started it all and helped create some unforgetable moments for all resident evil and survival horror fans alike, who could forgot the terror they felt when the first zombie is found eating one of your team members and then turns around to face you, you can say you didn't bolt from your chair when you ran down that L shaped corridor only for the zombie dogs to break in through the window and attack you. it also introduced many characters we have all grown to love such as chris,jill and wesker along with the hilarious barry burton. the game also offered replay ability by offering to storys Jill's and Chris's each story is similar but there are some difference for example Chris is acompanied by Rebecca Chambers and Jill Is Acompanied by Barry Burton. however this game has the number 5 spot for being the game that started it all if you call yourself a resident evil fan you should definitly play this one if you haven't already.

Number 4 - Resident Evil 2

I know alot of you will hate me for putting this one so low on my list as many fans of the franchise have said this is the best resident evil ever made and i know a lot of people (including me) want to see this game remastered. Resident Evil 2 is a great game and it improved greatly in terms of new enviorments like raccoon city streets, the police station, sewers and labs. the replayability of this game is brilliant as you have two main stories Leon's and Claire's however each story has two senarios (Leon A, Leon B, Claire A and Claire B) Senario A differs from B and the choices made can have an impact on your game the next time around. i have put many hours into this game throughout my childhood trying to do everything from get A rankings to unlocking special items. this is why this game is at Number 4

Number 3 - Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 was a suprise to me as when it first came out and i saw all the new game mechanics i freaked out thinking the game would suck as it betrayed its roots of survival horror and fixed camera angles, zombies and terror. however when i played it i was proved dead wrong the game still manages to uphold a certain scare factor and it still has that resident evil feeling when you play through the game. i was happy they brought back Leon and made him a lot more badass since the raccoon insident. this game was argued to have surpassed even that of resident evil 2 which was said to be the best resident evil in the franchise. i have spend hours upon hours playing this game unlocking all the special weapons and constumes playing through all the difficulties and completeing the side missions like seperate ways and assignment ada. this resident evil is special to me as it is the resident evil game i have completed the most (60 times) it also introduced one of my favorite sub characters Luis Sera. the game is over all brilliant perfect combination of action while still sticking to the tense and scary moments (espically the village and the castle) the monster designs are certainly something to behold and the boss fights are done brilliantly over all it is a good game worthy of the franchise. that is why this game got Number 3

Number 2 - Resident Evil Remastered/Remake

this game is one of my all time favorites as it is the first resident evil game i ever played and it also introduced me to my favorite character of the franchise Jill Valentine. The Resident Evil remake is good beacuse it did everything right instead of just taking directors cut and adding better graphics they took it apart and completely re did it which can be risky but capcom pulled it off perfectly with better graphics dialogue and gameplay that did not have you laughing as much like directors cut (lets be honest the dialogue in the first one is the best its so funny sometimes specially barry) the game is apparently 80% different to the orginal it is harder to complete it requires more stratagy and has a lot more of a scare factor then the first, this game created a lot of memories for me in my childhood and was the game that introduced me to my favorite franchise of all time. that is why this game easily takes the number 2 spot.

Number 1 - Resident Evil 3

i know even more people will think what am i thinking putting this game ahead of all the others including resident evil 2. i know many fans just consider resident evil 3 to be nothing more then an extra to resident evil 2 but i think otherwise. this game is brilliant and it introduced my favorite BOW of all time Nemesis, ive never been more scared in my life when Nemesis jumps into the police station weilding that stinger rocket launcher. the game also allows you to meet some fun new characters like Carlos while also bringing back some orginal characters like Brad Vikers who is the pilot from Re 1 and Remake. and it brings back my favorite character Jill Valentine as the main protangnist who has to avoid zombies terryfying creatures and the ever present Nemesis in order to escape raccoon city for the last time. this game is without a doubt my all time favourite of the franchise .

thank you for reading this if you agree or disagree please do tell me and maybe tell me your list and your reasons id love to here about it

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