• ParallelTraveler

    For Capcom’s 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil/biohazard franchise, the new title Umbrella Corps (Biohazard Umbrella Corps in Japan) was announced. I was not surprised to see the majority of comments across Resident Evil USA’s facebook page and youtube were outright negative. Many of the comments can be summed up as;

    • “Too much action, don’t like it.”
    • “But why?”
    • “This won’t make any time and money”
    • “Nobody plays these”
    • "This isn’t what fans want"

    While much of the criticism is simply dissatisfaction they are unlike the old games, there also seems a lack of understanding the Japanese market and knowledge of Capcom’s sales history. This game is the next natural step because this is an adaption of the social/arcade format, and because action orient…

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  • ParallelTraveler

    With the release of the remasters, people keep complaining that it appears Capcom isn’t listening to fans because they haven’t done a RE2 remake. However, many of these complaints are not valid because many people are not familiar as with Capcom’s history, what sales actually show, and how game development works as they think they are. We have yet to see a RE2 remake because the first remake had good reasons to be made, sales trends does not show support for one, and remasters and remakes are not the same, therefore not related to Capcom’s recent releases and plans.

    There were reasons for the first game to be remade. Some of the content planned did not make it into the game. Most notable, the Trevor family story line. The book BIO HAZARD The…

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  • ParallelTraveler

    Does anyone else feel ike pages with very little content should be combined with similar ones? Pages like the Outbreak SP items, rooms in a building, sound tracks, staff members, etc.

    It's annoying to go to so many pages for small bits of information, not to mention its difficult to find them all.

    What do you think guy?

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  • ParallelTraveler

    I began thinking about this when someone questioned why does one of the zombies in the RE6 trailer, leap at Leon? Well besides the obvious "to attack", could this point to some gameplay mechanics?

    My first thoughts are it could be just eastetics. Maybe devolopers just wanted to keep things fresh by putting a focus on the way zombies move. We expect them to walk slowly hunched over and moan. But zombies can do more than that. What about leap at the player? There might be more, they could push each other when looking for food. Maybe we'll see more crawling zombies. Maybe we'll see zombies do different things while idle, like looking around, scracting themselves, barfing.

    But what about the mechanic side of it? These are zombies, unless they ha…

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  • ParallelTraveler

    Before anyone gets on my for bashing everyone's theories before, NOW I won't mind them as much because we actually have a trailer and information to actually base some theories on.

    Anyway, so WHAT IF the "my blood" guy is Alex Wesker?

    He did he had super human abilities. He did strong melee attacks, moves quickly, I believe it was him holding onto a helicopter, and he jumped down a very high distance. This would suggest he has the same powers from the same experimental virus Albert had. (And as we know he is the only other Wekser child.)

    We also see his friend inject him with something. This could be the same thing Albert needed to stay regulated.

    So we also know Alex found the secret to immortality, and working with viruses and such, its not …

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