I know we still have Revelations on its way and a lot to say about the canon story, but I just had a thought about RE6. What if the game were to include both zombies and RE4/5 type enemies? And the gameplay was build around having a few different guns that are better suited for dealing with one or the other.

I.e you had a choice between using a strong accurate handgun or a faster one with a larger clip. The stronger handgun would be good to fight the slower zombies that require accurate aiming to stop them while the faster handgun would be good for stopping the new type of enemies that can run and throw weapons at you.

Because you choose one handgun over the other, you would then pick the opposite choice for a backup weapon or for your partner if one should be present, so it becomes somewhat of a intricate system.

Also say zombies may be more immune to fire and flash grenades but the new type of enemies sometime have armor and can dodge maybe.

I think this would be an interesting concept. The weapons in RE5 were very dissappointing and all could be upgraded to ridiculous levels that made the game all too easy.

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