Anyone else hear the news? Nemesis is now a character in the update to MVC3 called Ultimate Marvle vs Capcom 3. The announcement was made during comic con. I just want to know, how do people feel about this? Honestly, I'm dissapointed. As cool as he is, I feel not many people will appriciate him since (overall) a lot of current gen only gamers probably haven't played RE3. Also this just makes me wish MVC2 Jill was in. (This was her RE1 appearence and weapons, Jill is in MVC3 but in her RE5 battlesuit and attacks based on that.)

This is also a little upseting because they added 6 characters to each side. Capcom only had 3 of those characters from series not represented yet.

Also RE and UMVC3 related, STARS custome for Wesker was added. How do you guys feel about that? Personally since Wesker's moves are based on his RE5 moves I was hoping for a shirtless with battle damaged costume lol

You can easily search to find some screen pics and gameplay videos. May take a bit to find the costumes so here

STARS Wekser is in this Link

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