I began thinking about this when someone questioned why does one of the zombies in the RE6 trailer, leap at Leon? Well besides the obvious "to attack", could this point to some gameplay mechanics?

My first thoughts are it could be just eastetics. Maybe devolopers just wanted to keep things fresh by putting a focus on the way zombies move. We expect them to walk slowly hunched over and moan. But zombies can do more than that. What about leap at the player? There might be more, they could push each other when looking for food. Maybe we'll see more crawling zombies. Maybe we'll see zombies do different things while idle, like looking around, scracting themselves, barfing.

But what about the mechanic side of it? These are zombies, unless they have weapons like the ganados swiping and biting just doesn't cut it. Maybe leaping at the play is way to knock you down. My big point is we know there are controls for shooting your guns while laying on the ground, so maybe knocking you to the ground is a big startigy for zombies? Once your down you can shoot a full bullets and then hustle yourself up and run from danger. Or if you screw up zombies will pile on you and bite your limbs!!

What do you guys think? Is Capcom making a point putting in leaping zombies? Is this just suppose to be a scare tactic? Or does this not actually mean anything?

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