Let's put our guesses and comments out there on what we think will happen to Parker and Jessica at the end of Revelations. We're short on information put it is still fun to guess. So far in Resident Evil, our side characters have;

Lived but may have died and never heard from again - Billy

Lived but had the potential to die in a certain ending - Barry, Chris, Jill

Lived - Leon, Claire, Sherry, Manuela, Ashley, Sheva, Josh

Thought to have died - Ada

Died - Steve, Krauser technically

And let's just note almost every NPC suppoting character has died - Brad, Richard, Marvin, Ridrigo, Luis, and don't forget Greg Glenn did die in Degeneration

My thoughts?

I think wil happen: Capcom will probably be lame and let them live but will leave it at that without saying what happens to them afterwords.

What I want to happen: One of them to be a double agent or something and they mutate and you get to kill them. Sorta a Wesker thing happening all over again. I just want more villains.

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