When you look down into it, it's more of an obscure oddity Leon is not in Mercs3D once you get past the upset.

Has anyone else picked up on this?

  • Mercs3D uses RE5 weapons
  • Claire in her Code Veronica costume was added to the game equiped with Leon's handgun, the VP70
  • In Code Veronica, Claire's handgun was the Beretta 93R
  • The 93R is already in RE5

So here's the oddity, why wouldn't they just give her the handgun she already had especially when it's already been in RE5? My thought was they were testing out their build of the VP70 so it was a hint towards Leon and that he would be in his RPD or Operation Javier costume, and they would give Claire her handgun later.

Also there was the obvious fact they used HUNK and Krauser, both from RE4, so it seemed like they would add the rest of the cast.

All above should have added up to Leon's appearence but in the end he wasn't there making the end result an oddity when you think about it.

What's more than upsetting than not seeing Leon, is not seeing Leon WITH Chris... Maybe that's why Capcom didn't put him in... will Leon and Chris ever be featured together? (Not counting Darkside because they didn't meet eacherother)

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