I don't understand why today's "fans" of RE get caught up in anything but the storyline. Revelations is coming out and you barely hear people talk of it. ORC gets more attention and hype yet people complained RE5's problem it was too action based. Is the very fact there are zombies make it good? Not to mention there's no info on RE6 and people can't help but throw random theories about that. Revelations is canon and will have something to contribute.

And about people saying they want zombies back; a lot of people say RE4,5,and Revelations look bad simply because they do not have zombies. Why do they need zombies? Because the old games had them? Zombies have only ever been a plot device to put enemies in the games. I've always found what made the games so great is the story, AND the story telling of each game. I didn't pick up the classic titles and tell a friend "yeah it's a good game, it has zombies in it"

I'm just asking, does anyone else feel this fustration? Especially after glacing at youtube comments on trailers and such. A series is allowed to change and expand. The focus of the series now as seen in RE4, 5, Darkside, and Revelations, is fighting Bio Terrorism, which for the most part does not include zombies.

It's understandable we have the right to complain and critisize all we want, RE5 isn't exactly my favorite RE, but very few people i've give a good reason why zombies should be back. If they were back, why would they? That doesn't mean the game WILL be scary, and it doesn't mean for sure the game will be any better than if there wasn't zombies. If you actually like video games and RE, than the concept of "are there zombies?" shouldn't be the making or breaking of its appeal to you.

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