I would like just to see where people stand on certain subjects about Resident Evil. So simply say how you feel. As in try not to respond, debate or argue with people's posts. Try to be clear and concise.

So how do we feel about:

Where the series is going? What should happen in the future game? The series as a whole? Recent games? (And Damnation). Characters returning? Albert Wesker?

Me personally;

The series isn't turning out that bad. RE5 might have been a train crash, but that was only one title. Darkside came out right after that and I enjoyed it. For the new gameplay style, its fine. Why do more classic style? There are so many of out there arleady. Change isn't bad.

In the future, if Revelation doesn't cause more plot holes, explain Ada and Alex. That's all. The series needs to end soon.

As a whole, great stuff. The story progression and sotry telling by far is the best point of the series, more so than the horror. RE0, Code Veronica, and Darkside have the best story and art elements. RE5 with the help of Degneration I can appriciate for establishing the fact there will be no end the terror due to terrorists. Intersting trasition from fighting a corrupt hidden company to a public unstopable enemy.

Yes RE5 was bad as a game. Darkside I found nothing wrong with and enjoyed as a game. Revelations looks very promising, I am excited to see more of it. ORC and Mercs 3D are non canon, I feel no harm was done. Too early to say anything about RE6. Damnation hard to say anything about. I would like to see Claire in it. I do NOT want to see anyone else return like Rebecca, Billy and Carlos.

Albert Wesker's death, the way they did it I found okay. The fact he died and was killed by the players, I did not like.

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