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    My sister really enjoyed Resident Evil 5, loves the Mercs especially playing as Sheva. As it was the first game in the series she had actually picked up instead of watching, I decided to start her over at the beginning and started her on the REmake. She played maybe until the first zombie then passed it back to me. The zombie moaning in that game terrified her, so she snuggles next to me and watches instead of plays.

    That might not have much of anything to do with this post, but it does lead me to my point. I don't know about you guys, but there's usually some points in games that I just nitpick about. When I was running past Kenneth's body for the upteenth time, it hit me: there has never been a canon zombied Kenneth (that I recall an…

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  • Peroxwhy gen

    I definitely see a lot of excitement for 6, and know there's probably a lot of things people want to see or want answered. Recently, though, I had a thought about Jake. So, he found work as a mercenary to support his mother, something that might show the two of them have a close relationship. I would hate to see her mutate and Jake have to kill her, like Steve and his father. It would feel a little stale, repetative. And also a little lame. Pretty much every parent on screen has been killed off. If she's in it, it would be nice if she survived.

    I also imagine that Jake will probably be the one to tell us about his parentage, but I also expect him to be a little biased. I don't want his mom and Wesker's relationship to be brushed off…

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