I definitely see a lot of excitement for 6, and know there's probably a lot of things people want to see or want answered. Recently, though, I had a thought about Jake. So, he found work as a mercenary to support his mother, something that might show the two of them have a close relationship. I would hate to see her mutate and Jake have to kill her, like Steve and his father. It would feel a little stale, repetative. And also a little lame. Pretty much every parent on screen has been killed off. If she's in it, it would be nice if she survived.

I also imagine that Jake will probably be the one to tell us about his parentage, but I also expect him to be a little biased. I don't want his mom and Wesker's relationship to be brushed off by Jake as his dad being a bastard that just left him and his mother. I'd love flashbacks or his mother explaining their relationship, to be given an unbiased look at it. (Come to think of it, I don't want Capcom to just brush off this couple, like they most likely will do. I want to know!)

Anyway, just wondering what sort of things people DON'T want to see from 6. Little things, big things, plot things, anything!

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